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We recommend parents utilize this page to seek information regarding your child's health. 

Babysitting Guide and Safety Tips - Children's Safety Zone (childrensafetyzone.com)

Pool Safety Tips - Children's Safety Zone (childrensafetyzone.com)

Positive Parenting Tips | CDC

Bicycle Safety Tips for Parents (NHTSA)

Injuries Among Children and Teens | CDC

Car Safety Seats for Children with Special Needs (AAP)

Childhood Stress (What You Need to Know About)

Child Health Information (Collection from Children's Medical Center, Dayton Ohio)

Child Safety in the Air (Collection from Air Safe)

Childhood Injury Fact Sheet (CDC)

Children and Bicycle Safety (iBike.org)

Children and Disasters (Red Cross)

Children, Terrorism & Disasters (American Academy of Pediatrics)

First Aid and Safety (Collection from Kids Health)

Crib and Sleep Safety Guide (Child Safety Experts)

Dealing With Bullies (Kids Health)

Kid's and Dogs: Safety First (Dog Owner's Guide)

Firearms Safety & Children (American Derringer)

Healthy Environments for Your Children (Health Canada)

Kids' Safety (Collection from KidsHealth)

Parenting Corner (Collection from American Academy of Pediatrics)

Pregnancy and Childcare (Pregnancy-Info)

Teach Poison Safety (Oklahoma Poison Control Center)

When It's Just You in an Emergency (Kids Health)


Other Resource Sites

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Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

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Kids Health

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children