Telehealth services in Naperville, IL

The ability to connect with your child’s pediatrician is an essential part of outstanding care, which is why the team of pediatric specialists at Millennium Pediatrics is proud to offer telehealth as one option for Naperville, Illinois, families. To learn more about this convenient option, call our office today.

Telehealth Q&A

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a method that uses technology to connect patients and practitioners remotely. While telehealth has received much attention in recent years, the process is nothing new. Ever since most American families had home telephone service, people have been connecting with their health team outside of a traditional office setting. 

Thanks to advancements in digital and video technology, today’s telehealth visits allow pediatricians to visually assess patients and perform numerous diagnostic functions remotely. You can complete a telehealth visit on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even a video-equipped cell phone. 

What are some of the benefits of telehealth services?

Convenience is a primary benefit of telehealth services. The ability to connect with your child’s pediatrician without having to bundle everyone up and travel across town is incredibly convenient. 

Parents appreciate the chance to take care of a child’s health needs while maintaining daily routines. This is especially helpful to those working from home or caring for other children. 

Kids who are immunocompromised, or households with a medically fragile family member, rely on telehealth visits to reduce everyone’s exposure to communicable disease. While remote visits can’t meet every pediatric health need, many common concerns are a wonderful fit for telehealth. 

How should I prepare for my child’s telehealth appointment?

A bit of preparation helps you make the most of your child’s telehealth visit. Begin by thinking about where you plan to set up for the appointment. If possible, choose a place that is out of the main flow of traffic. 

You should also think about the lighting in the area. Setting up near a window or simply moving a lamp can help ensure your child’s pediatrician can see them clearly. Make an effort to reduce sounds in the area that could complicate communication. 

You might want to set up near a power outlet so there are no worries about battery life during the visit. Most devices allow you to “preview” your camera and microphone settings before the visit. 

Booking a telehealth visit at Millennium Pediatrics is as easy as a quick phone call, so don’t delay.