Adolescent Care

Adolescent Care

Adolescent Care services in Naperville, IL

As kids move into adolescence, their health and wellness needs shift. The team of experienced pediatric specialists at Millennium Pediatrics in Naperville, Illinois, understands and meets these changing needs in a warm and caring manner. Your pre-teen or teen will have all the support and guidance needed to navigate this time of transition. Booking a visit takes just moments online or by phone.

Adolescent Care Q&A

What is adolescent care?

Adolescent care ensures that children receive the services and support they need as they transition between childhood and adulthood. This process generally occurs between the ages of 11 and 21, although kids move through adolescence at different rates. 

Each generation goes through its own set of challenges when moving through adolescence. It can be argued that today’s adolescents face considerable struggles because of the role social media and other online activities play in their daily lives. 

Kids also face significant pressures regarding schoolwork, changing family dynamics, and the increased focus on peer relationships which is a normal part of maturing. Working with a skilled pediatrician helps kids and parents get the guidance and support needed during this time of transition. 

What kinds of needs are part of adolescent care?

Adolescent care encompasses a wide range of health and wellness needs. Some of the issues that bring kids in for care include:

  • Specialized physical exams (for sports, camp, etc.)
  • Drug, tobacco, and alcohol prevention counseling
  • Stress management
  • Sleep disruption
  • Nutritional needs
  • Puberty challenges
  • Sexually transmitted disease prevention counseling
  • Birth control counseling
  • Problems with learning, attention, or behavior
  • Depression and anxiety

These are just a few examples of the needs met through adolescent care. Teens also receive preventive health and acute care services during these years. 

When is the right time to bring a child in for adolescent care?

If your child is already a patient at Millennium Pediatrics, the transition into adolescent care is easy. Your child’s pediatrician will simply shift the areas of focus as your child enters and moves through adolescence. 

If you’re searching for a new pediatric specialist, booking a visit at Millennium Pediatrics is simple. Your child’s practitioner will note their age and shape their visits accordingly.

One of the most significant differences you’ll notice as a parent is a gradual shift in the focus of these visits. When kids are small, the bulk of the communication is between parent and practitioner. As they move through adolescence, your child begins to take a more active role in their visits. This teaches them to take a proactive stance in their own health and wellness journey. 

When you’re ready to schedule an adolescent care visit, just call the office, or spend a few moments on the online booking page.